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Top 5 WORST Tattoo Ideas EVER!

We’ve all have that friend who got their ex boyfriend’s name, their ex girlfriend’s face or some other stupid tattoo that they probably regret. It’s no secret that there are more bad tattoos out there than good. Whether you made a bad choice picking an artist or a spur of the moment design that hasn’t lived up to your expectations, you should be glad you didn’t get one of these in our list of worst tattoo ideas ever!

A Fad

Thanks to the internet it seems that every week there is a new theme or fad or person that is number one. That fame lasts a week or two. Five years on someone might still remember it. But this is more likely to be a future cover up because it will be dated and soon no one will remember why it was once funny!

Great examples of this include “the dress” and the “cash me outside girl”. In ten years no one will remember them or know what those jokes are, except as an obscure reference. It’s like those people who have Taz from the 90s, but those kind of tattoos often speak more to ones interests as a personal choice rather than a complete fad.


Unless you’re talking about some intricate Polynesian work or because your family is Maori, tribal is not only dated, it’s a stereotype. Thick chunky black tribal is dated and boring. Most artists aren’t trained in it in order for it to fit the body like it should. Unless you’re talking about the more artistic and real-life inspired south east Asian versions, solid black tribal arm bands single you out as being unimaginative, boring, and often brainless. They’re not “hot” and they make you look like you stepped out of a 90’s boy band magazine. Just don’t.

Facial Tattoos

While some facial tattoos are absolutely stunning (artist Deryn from Tenacious Tattoo for example), most are either gang related or jokes. They’re not going to get you a job, and they’re impossible to cover. Very few facial tattoos are a good idea unless you work in the tattoo industry.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Cosmetic tattooing is a gray area because when it comes to fixing skin issues or covering scars they’re amazing. Having permanent make-up done however is usually a waste of money. The tattoos may last 2 years and cost more than regular ink. That and there are so many examples of bad tattoo work out there. Why would you risk ending up with eyebrows that look like the wolf man!

Wedding Bands

Finger tattoos have become quite a fad with many celebrities sporting them. The trouble with finger tattoos is that they very rarely look good and often don’t stay in the skin long. Wedding bands are commonly used by people who can’t wear rings at work. But because of the nature of the skin it’s close to impossible to have them go all the way round. The tough skin doesn’t take designs well it’s likely to end up as a blobby gray band. Plus, should the worst happen it’s impossible to cover up without it being an obvious cover.

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